Green Vegans


We are a solutions-oriented vegan environmental organization that sees human behavior as both the cause and cure for the most important issues of our time.

Earth and her living inhabitants require not one change on our part, but many. This means we are willing to address human overpopulation, unsustainable consumption where it exists, and those in poverty and subject to violence, those who are not benefiting from economic and political justice. We believe that together, changing our personal behaviors must be done while reforming the institutions and powers that oppose those goals.

RnforstSoyCattleFoodiStkFrom the perspective of a vegan human ecology, we identify root causes of ecosystem collapse that are tied to an old human ecology that is no longer adaptive to Earth’s needs and prevents our achieving trans-species justice and prosperity. We are advocating for the end of animal agriculture because of its immense role in the destruction of ecosystems, waste of resources, conflicts with wildlife, pollution, and detriment to human health.

We challenge and work to transform ecosystem and wildlife management sciences, applications, and professions that represent the OLD human ecology. We advocate they move their profession to a vegan human ecology now because they are unable to maintain biodiversity because they pander to narrow interests of hunters, animal agriculture, trappers, fishers, and unsustainable resource extractors. These local, state and federal agencies will never be able to overcome the environmental impacts caused by the behaviors of 7.4 billion humans. Food security, human sustainability, and re-establishing ecosystem health are all made possible when changes in human behavior create a new relationship with all else; this is the new human ecology that is integrated into our personal lives and public institutions.

manyfishboatsOur human species is already consuming 1.4 planet’s worth of Earth’s capacity to produce ecosystem services that we and other species need to survive – while over one billion people are chronically malnourished and lack resources necessary for human dignity.

When Green Vegans works on behalf of birds, people, plants, and predators, we will oppose the habitat loss that is created by grazing and growing corn and soybeans for individuals of other species – chickens, cows, steers, heifers, pigs, goats, and sheep. This removes barriers to restoration of large landscape and seascapes now used by industries that are not part of our future.

When we advocate for humans, we do so through improving our chances for true ecosystem sustainability and therefore the health and well-being of every person. For instance, when we campaign on behalf of marine mammals, we challenge the deepest causes of the problems they face by addressing: human overpopulation, the environmental effects created by overconsumption, the loss of ecosystem integrity, our dietary choices, and the impacts of animal agriculture upon marine ecosystems. We remind everyone of the billions of people who are desperately clinging onto survival with no hope.

We must understand we are taking so much from Earth’s “natural capital” that we are destroying her capacity to produce the surplus that enables us to live. The New Human Ecology drastically reduces that taking and our specie’s impacts. 

It was noted in 2007 that,” Our projections indicate that, by 2015, human demands will increase to 1.6 planets.”1

  • By 2010, “Moderate UN scenarios suggest that if current population and consumption trends continue, by the middle of the next decade we will need the equivalent of two Earths to support us. And of course, we only have one.”2
  • Citing a World Wildlife Fund paper, Science Daily reported that, “But today Europe lives beyond its means. If the world’s citizens lived as Europeans, we would need 2.6 planets to provide the necessary resources and absorb the waste.”3

Organizations and People

OrangWBabyonheadiStkKey to our mission is recruiting endorsements for The New Human Ecology’s Seven Results. Green Vegans recognizes the irreplaceable and specialized abilities of other nongovernmental organizations whose missions are compatible to ours. We will cite their work by referring our members and the public to them whenever needed in our campaigns to achieve the Seven Results. We pledge that The New Human Ecology is the most direct, effective, and doable means to slow, stop, and then reverse the decline of ecosystems while improving the chances for impoverished and suffering people who deserve equal consideration. Above all, The New Human Ecology is a strategy.

1) Dietz, Thomas, Eugene A Rosa, and Richard York. Front Ecol Environ 2007; 5(1): 13-18.
2) Global Footprint Network. “Do We Fit the Planet?”
3) European Union Has Doubled Ecological Pressure On Planet in 30 Years, Report Suggests. Science Daily article citing the World Wildlife Fund report, Europe 2007 – Gross Domestic Product and Ecological Footprint 12/28/2007