Green Vegans

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Green Vegans is a solutions-oriented vegan environmental organization that sees human behavior—our human ecology—as both the cause and cure for the most important issues of our time.

Our human ecology is the expression of everything we do and represented by every interaction we create on Earth. In the broadest sense, it consists of the innumerable relationships with and between humans, our social contexts, other species, and the physical environment. Through our respective cultures, tools, institutions, emotions, technologies, spiritual practices, agriculture, population trends, economies, sciences, worldview beliefs, and countless individual actions, our human ecology weaves and creates our species’ history and destiny on this planet.

Green Vegans has adopted the term human ecology to represent human behaviors and the relationships we create between ourselves and the living communities of Earth. Human ecology demonstrates how each issue relies on the others to be solved. Because our individual and collective impacts now reach distant ecosystems, our human ecology is accountable for what happens to Earth and all species living here.

Green Vegans addresses human behavior as both the cause and cure for the most important issues of our time: environmental destruction and loss of biodiversity; climate change; human overpopulation; social and economic injustice, and unsustainable economic systems. Our personal and institutional conduct created this corrupted human ecology and threatens our relationships with other people and all life on Earth.

Green Vegans advocates and educates for changes in personal and institutional behavior as the most direct path to restoring and sustaining healthy, biodiverse ecosystems that serve all species. We each have the power to meet these responsibilities through the lifestyles we choose. 

Earth and her living inhabitants require from all of us not one change, but many. All of the issues we address are linked and interdependent in their causes and solutions. This means we are willing to address human overpopulation, social and economic injustice, unsustainable consumption where it exists, the absolute necessity of veganism, destructive and unjust economic systems, and the need to nurture and increase our love, empathy, and proactive compassion towards each other and all species and ecosystems. Together, we are changing our personal behaviors—our personal human ecologies to create Seven Results.

Organizations and People

OrangWBabyonheadiStkKey to our mission is recruiting endorsements for the New Human Ecology’s Seven Results. Green Vegans recognizes the irreplaceable and specialized abilities of other nongovernmental organizations whose missions are compatible to ours. We will cite their work by referring our members and the public to them whenever needed in our campaigns to achieve the Seven Results. We pledge that the New Human Ecology is the most direct, effective, and doable means to slow, stop, and then reverse the decline of ecosystems while improving the chances for relieving the plight of impoverished and suffering people who deserve equal consideration. Above all, The New Human Ecology is a strategy.

Building Consensus for the New Human Ecology Platform

Our ongoing mission is to communicate the Green Vegans message about the New Human Ecology and its Seven Results to individuals and organizations. Green Vegans campaigns serve as vehicles for demonstrating how Green Vegans / New Human Ecology is the comprehensive approach to solving the most important global problems of our time.

Environmental destruction, the suffering by individuals from other species, social and economic injustice, and overpopulation are all caused by and can be cured by changing our human ecology. We ask for your support to grow this effective strategy. Respond to our volunteer requests. Donate the funds we need to do the work. Most pages on the Green Vegans website have a donate button that will take you directly and securely to PayPal. Thank you!