Action Alert 2 for Idaho Wolf / Coyote Slaughter

iStock_000008330410XSmallForty wolves and an untold number of coyotes need a few minutes of your time, now. After days of researching Idaho statues, codes, and regulations, Green Vegans has sent a seven-page letter to Idaho’s Dallas Burkhalter – Deputy Attorney General, Kathleen Trever – Lead Deputy Attorney General, Virgil Moore, Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), and Rick Jackson, Chair of the Idaho State Tax Commission. We are demanding they enforce Idaho rules and regulations already in place that should stop the “First Annual 2-Day Coyote and Wolf Hunting Derby” in its tracks—if the political will is there.

The contest organizer, “Idaho for Wildlife” (really), the sponsors, and the fee-paying participants are acting outside of regulatory control. The State of Idaho appears ready to do nothing to stop this slaughter. Refer to ALERT #1 for details.

Yes, your time is precious just before the official holiday season. But the hunt is scheduled to begin December 28 and 29, 2013 in Salmon, Idaho.

Please send your email now (just cut and paste the talking points below) and then call and ask them to read it:


a)      Kathleen Trever – Lead Deputy Attorney General (208) 334-2400 /

b)      W. Dallas Burkhalter – Deputy Attorney General (208) 334-3715 /
(Trevor and Burkhalter represent and interpret IDFG regulations)

c)      Virgil Moore, Director, Idaho Department of Fish and Game (208) 334-3771 /

Tell them:

  • The “First Annual 2-Day Coyote and Wolf Hunting Derby” is a commercial hunt prohibited by Idaho regulations;
  • It violates the 15–hunter maximum participation rule;
  • It violates the IDFG Commission thirteen year wildlife policy: “However, the Department will not support any contests or similar activities involving the taking of predators which may portray hunting in an unethical fashion, devalue the predator, and which may be offensive to the general public. The Department opposes use of bounties as a predator control measure.”
  • They have effectively passed off their legal responsibilities to a vigilante organization that is paying a bounty for the killing.
  • The concentration of so many hunters competing for two days to shoot as many coyotes as possible and up to 40 wolves is dangerous and a tragedy waiting to be headlines. The contest and prizes are open to children as young as ten years of age.
  • The organization, “Idaho for Wildlife”, is deceiving the public with its statements claiming the slaughter is to teach hunters the dangers of parasites that are found naturally in a wide array of wildlife species.

2)  Rich Jackson, Chair, Idaho State Tax Commission. (208) 334-7500 / c/o

The person receiving the email will be collecting them as she is covering for another staff person on vacation. Please, no harsh words. Just ask them to investigate the tax status of “Idaho for Wildlife”:

  • “Idaho for Wildlife” is the organization organizing the slaughter. They are registered as a nonprofit in Idaho but are not a federally-recognized tax-exempt organization by the IRS. They are abusing the purpose of nonprofit organizations. Tell Rick Jackson that bounty hunting does not meet the definition of allowed purposes for nonprofits.
  • Ask Rick Jackson if he believes “Idaho for Wildlife” has the right to collect and then distribute money and prizes to bounty hunters without paying taxes and fees required of for-profit corporations.

3)  Sign this petition at

4) Share this Alert on your social media. Remember, Christmas is a holiday so we have Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday only to save 40 wolves and for coyotes, there is no limit.

Thank you,

Green Vegans

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