Alert: Stop the Coyote-Wolf Killing “Derby” in Idaho

Green Vegans / ALERT / December 18, 2013

A proposed “First Annual Two Day Coyote and Wolf Hunting Derby” scheduled for December 28th and 29th, 2013, is being widely reported. Wildlife advocates like you are responding. There are several actions you can take to stop this cruel slaughter. But time is short and the need for your action is NOW. Green Vegans is working on unique approaches we are sharing with other organizations and encourage you to do the same. We also are including a list of actionable contacts from Project Coyote that are also essential. The steps you can take are listed below this “Derby” poster…. 

Derby-Specific Background: 

In addition to thousands of dollars in prizes and trophies for adults, there are also trophies and monetary awards to 10-14 year-old children who bring in the largest number of coyotes and biggest dead wolf. The event is being organized by a rabid organization that believes wildlife is for hunting, not prey for natural predators in healthy ecosystems. For insight into this group, go to According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), if the “Derby” is held strictly within the Salmon, Idaho “Game Management Units”, up to 40 more wolves can be killed according to figures posted on their website as of 16 December 2013. There is no limit on coyotes killed. In addition, there are several commercial sponsors that are making the two-day killing spree possible.


Note that there will be two different ACTION ALERTSasking you to help stop this dreadful event. This is the first. The second ALERT will go out either Saturday or Monday depending on the response we get to a nine-page letter Green Vegans has written to Idaho state agencies. We have worked nearly forty hours over the last three days doing research and writing for this portion of our work for wolves. That means we have not finished our list of proposed campaigns for the 2014-2015 season for you to see, and we are behind in asking for donations we need to continue our work. Please give now because it’s needed now. Just go to and use the donate button to get to PayPal.  Thank you. Now, the first ALERT:

Please take these actions in the following order. There are several opportunities to stop the wolf and coyote killing contest. It will be extremely helpful for you to send this Alert to like-minded Idaho residents who will be against this “First Annual Two Day Coyote and Wolf Hunting Derby”. They have more “weight” as state residents when they contact officials. In your communications, please take the high ground; avoid the name-calling they will expect. This will make it harder for them to dismiss and stereotype you.

Given the short time remaining for the planned event, the wolves and coyotes need rapid response from you as we prepare for the worst case scenario of Idaho not upholding the law. We demand that the “First Annual 2-Day Coyote and Wolf Hunting Derby” be cancelled no later than noon, December 23, 2013. Here’s what you can do now:

  • Share this ALERT through all of your social media platforms. Anyone on planet Earth can do the following…
  • Call or email via the websites of two of the sponsors Green Vegans has identified. Tell them to respect ecosystems and stop the event:

a)      The NAPA auto-parts store in Salmon, Idaho is a sponsor and located two blocks from one of the register-to-kill locations. NAPA Auto Parts – Salmon River Auto Supply LLC, Salmon, ID.  / (208) 756-4343 and (208) 756-4800. Since NAPA owns approximately 1,000 of the 6,000 stores, the Salmon, Idaho store is likely independently operated. Still, they are licensed by NAPA proper, so it is worthwhile to complain to NAPA corporate about the Salmon, Idaho store: call 800-538-6272 or email them at customersupport@napaonline.coom . Then post your opinion at NAPA’s national corporate Facebook page:    

b)    Sacajawea Inn. They are offering special discounts to the contestants coming to kill wolves and coyotes.  and  / 208-756-2294. This is a medium-sized business run by a family with children. However, it is likely to be popular as it offers RV spaces in addition to rooms. Please do not be abusive in your messages to protect the children without compromising your opinions.

·        Go to Project Coyote’s action page and follow their prompts:

  • Go to the “Idaho for Wildlife” Facebook page. They are the organizers of this slaughter. Call the officers of the organization and chapter leads /or leave email messages of opposition by clicking on their names. Leave your opinion after viewing their attorney / registered agent pictured here, complete with a pipe in his mouth, a revolver in his hand, and a beer can in the other.

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A related Blog piece will appear at by this coming weekend.


Thank you,

The Green Vegans Team

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