Wildlife & Management

Wildlife and Ecosystems Management Reform

iStock_000008330410XSmallWildlife management and ecosystems oversight is within the jurisdiction of several state and federal agencies in the U.S. They are absurdly cruel, unbalancing and sickening ecosystems because they serve a small minority of hunters, fishers, trappers, and the immense animal agricultural industry. Everyone who lives a vegan lifestyle along with the rest of the new human ecology reduces the excuses those agencies make to justify their wanton cruelty and lack of long-term ecological effectiveness. This will be a long, multi-year campaign that seeks to motivate other organizations to challenge the status quo. Here are our 2014-15 goals for this section:

Stop State Agencies from promoting non-native species to raise money – amazingly, state fish and wildlife agencies regularly raise and release nonnative species for hunters and fishers to kill. Agencies are motivated additionally to do this because it produces funding through licensing fees and taxes. We will initiate the campaign in Washington and Oregon through discussions with the boards of game commissioners and agency leaders. We are calling on agencies to stop the practice of favoring commercial hunted, trapped, and fished species and instead focus on ecosystem recovery/conservation biology approaches. Green Vegans will share the vegan human ecology message to describe our approach and call for wholesale reforms in the agencies.

Change Name and Legislated Mission of WDFW as funding permits, we will extend this aspect of the campaign to Oregon and Idaho, other states if additional organizations can be convinced to adopt our efforts. Like the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), other state fish and wildlife agencies are the front line where human / wildlife relationships are established. Agencies and the legislation that directs them are archaic and anthropocentric instead of biocentric. There already is a growing movement calling for agencies to focus on ecosystems instead of single-species management. We will expand on that theme.

Active Opposition to Bow Hunting / Muzzle-Loader Hunting – we will educate the public about the needless, predictable suffering these killing methods create with the blessings of the agencies. We will initially approach one to two west coast agencies to refine a model for advocacy in other states. As in all of our campaigns, we will present the alternative vision of how they would operate differently within a vegan new human ecology and the end of animal agriculture.

Wolves – many NGOs are working diligently on this issue but no mainstream environmental organization is calling for the end of animal agriculture and the hunting and trapping industries. Green Vegans submitted testimony to WDFW regarding wolf management plans. We expect Washington and Oregon to go in the same direction as Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming after modest wolf recovery goals are met in the next few years. We see this as a highly visible opportunity to remind people the costs of their dietary choices when they contain animal “products”.