New Wolf Update from Jim Robertson

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Jim Robertson, author of Exposing the Big Game, has this update on the wolf situation in Oregon:

From the Green Vegans perspective, wolves will be persecuted, suffer, and be genetically disfigured as long as animal agriculture exists. It is too large an empire that occupies vast areas of ecosystems, including public lands—our national forests, Bureau of Land Management lands, and some national wildlife refuges managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition, state’s also lease public lands for grazing.

This is an opportunity for vegans to strengthen their reasons for remaining vegan and also to share with non-vegan friends that wolves are being hunted down because the meat and dairy industries are incompatible with healthy ecosystems. Wolves are not only shot, there are archery and trapping seasons that states have established. This is not only inhumane, it is a lack of justice. Wolf hunts are not ecosystem management schemes; they are instead political and economic manipulations to protect an animal agriculture industry that is irrelevant to our evolution.

Part 15 of the Michael Pollan Critique Posted

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For the past few months, I’ve been posting twice-weekly excerpts from This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology / How we find our way to a humane and environmentally sane future at the book’s website.

I chose this section of the book because it responds to the false assumptions and inaccuracies Pollan employs in his book; these are the most common misconceptions held by people who believe in the myth of “humane” meat, dairy, and eggs (see Since I do not post my blog regularly on the Green Vegans website, I ask that you subscribe to

And if you’ve not yet purchased the paperback using the Green Vegans link on the home page, or the eBook version from any online book retailer, please do so now. The book is the foundational document upon which the purpose of Green Vegans the organization rests. Though the book and organization are separate entities, a donation will be made to Green Vegans if you order from the home page.

Time is not standing still. Please get the book, read it, and then use its contents to educate friends and strangers about how veganism is required for ecosystems and us to survive. There’s more as well, but we need to raise the level of discussion about veganism. It is at the core of what comes next on Earth.

Part 7: Pollan’s Animal Agriculture Kills Ecosystems

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Just posted this last installment. It is essential we understand the neo-carnists who believe their support for smaller-scale animal agriculture will stop the destruction of ecosystems and create “humane” meat, dairy, and eggs. Included in this post are a few facts you can use while talking with others. Go to

Sixteen Part Series Critique of “Omnivore’s Dilemma”

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We are at part four of sixteen in a series that critiques Michael Pollan’s book, “Omnivore’s Dilemma”. Go to WIll Anderson’s blog, www.thisishopethebook.comThis Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology / How we find our way to a humane and environmentally sane future, explains and documents the need for the vegan new human ecology.

We need to update the worldviews and policies in both the environmental and much of the species’ rights nonprofit organizations. Years in the making, developments in farmed animal policies (the “rotten egg bill”) in several organizations are misleading in their avowed benefits. The collaborations made by HSUS, FARM, Mercy for Animals, Compassion over Killing, among others with the butchers and retail businesses such as Whole Foods and the Wolfgang Puck brand is an environmentally bankrupt strategy and harms the impoverished people of the Earth. We will be posting a piece with the details and will urge you to share it with others. Expect it on or before July 22.

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