Tell FAA to Protect Birds and Ecosystems from Drones!

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Petition: Tell the FAA to Protect Birds and Ecosystems from Drones Now!

We’ve been told a few times that some people did not receive this notice about the new Green Vegans petition. Please excuse us if you’ve already received this but also take a moment and share this link to our Green Vegans Care2  petition telling the FAA to abide by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). drone1

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun to update regulations on the operation of drones. What they do now will set the stage on how much or how little birds, wildlife, people, and ecosystems will be protected from the hundreds of thousands to over a million drones that will soon fill the air. The FAA has excused itself from any environmental reviews but is taking comments on its proposed rulemaking. Sign this petition to tell the FAA they must follow the National Environmental Policy Act.

You also can cut and paste this link onto your Facebook page and to your personal lists. 

Thank you!

Green Vegans Will March In The New York Climate Rally

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20140907_184932Green Vegans will have a contingent at the New York City Peoples Climate Change Rally and march in addition to the Seattle event. On September 21, our volunteers will be wearing Green Vegan Tees, carrying our banners, and passing out educational literature in both cities. If you are going to the New York City Climate Change Rally and want to march with Green Vegans, email your contact information now to  and we will forward it to the volunteer organizer there (we want to protect his personal email address). As a backup, follow these NYC vegan marchers

Another Seattle organizing meeting was held Thursday evening. We’ll have more on that and news of a great development by Monday evening.

And please don’t forget we need donations now to cover the costs just for these two events. We have other campaigns in the works that need your support. You can see them under “Campaigns”. Ten, twenty-five, fifty, or hundred dollar donations are needed now. We are tapped out but moving forward knowing you want the climate change rally to hear vegan voices bring the vegan solution to climate change.

Vegans get the climate – food connection but I and others can tell you from being at the rally organizing meetings in two cities that only the organized presence of vegans at these rallies can make that message heard. Vegan visibility is one of the Green Vegans campaigns. Please support our work.

You can make secure PayPal donations at right now. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

WDFW Wolf Kill Update

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downloadThe Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) reports that a government sniper has killed one wolf as of Saturday, August 23. They intend on killing up to four wolves from the Huckleberry Pack in NW Washington State. It is the State’s policy to allow grazing on public lands. In this case, the state has inserted 1,800 sheep into the wolves’ ecosystem. The department is looking for another ecosystem to harm.

See our previous post about contacting Governor Jay Inslee and WDFW. Updates on this action will be posted on the Green Vegans Facebook page:

Green Vegans Whale Campaign Update

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s_v10ag496skx0194_bPeninsula Daily News: “NEAH BAY –– Fifteen years after returning from their tribe’s last legal whale kill, some members of the crew of Makah whale hunters who led that hunt set out again into the bay aboard the Hummingbird whaling canoe Saturday.

…the last whale killed by Makah tribal members was in 2007, when a group of five illegally shot dead a gray whale….

…But the rogue 2007 hunt created divisions, Keith Johnson said, pointing out there was no event to mark the 10-year anniversary of the 1999 hunt….

‘Do you see the whole tribe here?’ he asked as he pointed to the three dozen people on the beach before Saturday’s commemorative paddle.

….Conservationists say they are pleased that it’s been 15 years since the last legal hunt.

‘We feel differently about the 15th anniversary,’ said Margaret Owen, who formed Peninsula Citizens for the Protection of Whales with her husband, Chuck, to speak against the tribe’s whale hunts.

‘There’s 60 whales that could have been killed in that time,’ Owens said.”

Read the entire story in the Peninsula Daily News:

100_1801 Green Vegans board members have campaigned against this whale hunt from the start—ten years prior to founding Green Vegans. Two years ago we sent a three-person delegation (the only nonprofit organization self-identified as vegan) to the International Whaling Commission meeting (IWC64) in Panama where aboriginal quotas were up for vote.

Despite scientific evidence that two endangered sub-populations that are genetically / behaviorally distinct, the U.S. delegation did a lot of pre-meeting lobbying that ensured a no debate loss for gray whales. The U.S. National Marine Fisheries Agency is producing a new Environmental Impact Statement that may be out by Fall 2014. They have a monumental task. Research has revealed that in addition to the small population of 200 “resident” gray whales, the highly endangered Western Pacific gray whales also migrate through the same area where the Makah want to kill up to five individuals every year.

Though we are volunteers, reading these documents and staying up-to-date is an ongoing project throughout the years though we don’t post about it. We are reading this year’s scientific publications being considered by the IWC Scientific Committee which is meeting now. No decision has been made as to whether Green Vegans will attend this year’s main meeting being held 15-18 September, but it depends upon the newest science available.

Please donate to Green Vegans using our handy PayPal button found on every page. Eight days from today, May 26, marks the fifth anniversary of Green Vegans’ founding. YOU made that possible! While supplies last, we offer a free organic cotton tee as pictured above for every $50 of donation. Just include your shipping address and desired size in the “notes” section in the PayPal order. They run large and are high quality. Thank you.

Action Alert 2 for Idaho Wolf / Coyote Slaughter

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iStock_000008330410XSmallForty wolves and an untold number of coyotes need a few minutes of your time, now. After days of researching Idaho statues, codes, and regulations, Green Vegans has sent a seven-page letter to Idaho’s Dallas Burkhalter – Deputy Attorney General, Kathleen Trever – Lead Deputy Attorney General, Virgil Moore, Director of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), and Rick Jackson, Chair of the Idaho State Tax Commission. We are demanding they enforce Idaho rules and regulations already in place that should stop the “First Annual 2-Day Coyote and Wolf Hunting Derby” in its tracks—if the political will is there.

The contest organizer, “Idaho for Wildlife” (really), the sponsors, and the fee-paying participants are acting outside of regulatory control. The State of Idaho appears ready to do nothing to stop this slaughter. Refer to ALERT #1 for details.

Yes, your time is precious just before the official holiday season. But the hunt is scheduled to begin December 28 and 29, 2013 in Salmon, Idaho.

Please send your email now (just cut and paste the talking points below) and then call and ask them to read it:


a)      Kathleen Trever – Lead Deputy Attorney General (208) 334-2400 /

b)      W. Dallas Burkhalter – Deputy Attorney General (208) 334-3715 /
(Trevor and Burkhalter represent and interpret IDFG regulations)

c)      Virgil Moore, Director, Idaho Department of Fish and Game (208) 334-3771 /

Tell them:

  • The “First Annual 2-Day Coyote and Wolf Hunting Derby” is a commercial hunt prohibited by Idaho regulations;
  • It violates the 15–hunter maximum participation rule;
  • It violates the IDFG Commission thirteen year wildlife policy: “However, the Department will not support any contests or similar activities involving the taking of predators which may portray hunting in an unethical fashion, devalue the predator, and which may be offensive to the general public. The Department opposes use of bounties as a predator control measure.”
  • They have effectively passed off their legal responsibilities to a vigilante organization that is paying a bounty for the killing.
  • The concentration of so many hunters competing for two days to shoot as many coyotes as possible and up to 40 wolves is dangerous and a tragedy waiting to be headlines. The contest and prizes are open to children as young as ten years of age.
  • The organization, “Idaho for Wildlife”, is deceiving the public with its statements claiming the slaughter is to teach hunters the dangers of parasites that are found naturally in a wide array of wildlife species.

2)  Rich Jackson, Chair, Idaho State Tax Commission. (208) 334-7500 / c/o

The person receiving the email will be collecting them as she is covering for another staff person on vacation. Please, no harsh words. Just ask them to investigate the tax status of “Idaho for Wildlife”:

  • “Idaho for Wildlife” is the organization organizing the slaughter. They are registered as a nonprofit in Idaho but are not a federally-recognized tax-exempt organization by the IRS. They are abusing the purpose of nonprofit organizations. Tell Rick Jackson that bounty hunting does not meet the definition of allowed purposes for nonprofits.
  • Ask Rick Jackson if he believes “Idaho for Wildlife” has the right to collect and then distribute money and prizes to bounty hunters without paying taxes and fees required of for-profit corporations.

3)  Sign this petition at

4) Share this Alert on your social media. Remember, Christmas is a holiday so we have Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday only to save 40 wolves and for coyotes, there is no limit.

Thank you,

Green Vegans

Deep Vegans – Part 2

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iStock_000012214795XSmallThere are many arenas for vegans to prevent suffering and needless death (more about that in later posts at thisishopethebook) This was the case when a three-person delegation returned to the International Whaling Commission conference last year in Panama. At every meeting over several days we stated our names and our organization, Green Vegans. Whenever we spoke, whenever we introduced ourselves to commission members from other countries, to other organizations, and U.S. officials at meetings, when others saw the placards at our tables, and on every document we distributed, we were there audibly and visibly repeated as “Green Vegans, Green Vegans, Green Vegans.”

A relatively small vanguard of professional environmentalists is trying to stem the loss of biodiversity, loss of habitat, and in some cases stop wanton cruelty (whaling and sealing, for example). Cruelty and killing is the active ingredient in environmental destruction. In the same way, at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), our opponents are global economic systems and worldview beliefs that do not know the value of a life and are not willing to state what it actually takes in terms of changes in our human ecology to really protect ecosystems—something we are already familiar with in animal agriculture.

What is our lesson in this? We cannot afford simply to “be vegan” and then rest. The same reasons for our becoming vegans and vegetarians also compel us to become knowledgeable environmentalists, advocates for reduced human populations, and supporters of social and economic justice. Increasing human populations increase the suffering of both domesticated and wild individuals from other species and damage their ecosystems. The decline of ecosystems and unfolding extinctions cause excruciating physical and psychological pain, misery, and bewildering homelessness for countless species during the process. These are calls for vegans to act.

We must act on the reason that these issues are about grievous harm to individuals of other species and people, our health, and sustainability. As deep vegans, we must expand into other causes. Instead of a slow introduction into front-line environmentalism, and to those of you who already are there, I’m asking you to jump into the deeper end of the pool for a moment.

Here are two links related to a past CITES meeting. From a guest blog by Dr. Margi Prideaux on the Shiftingvalues website is a description of the difficulties wildlife advocates are facing there. Without our vegan human ecology message at CITES and other environmental forums, they will not succeed in saving biodiversity and abundance. They will not be able to stop the harm we care so deeply about as vegans. More on that conference here,

This isn’t more work for us as much as they are opportunities to be more effective. In doing this we improve and complete the characteristics, culture, power, and blessings of veganism. (View Blog Archives at thisishopethebook)


Green Vegans and “This Is Hope”

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will_300dpiHello Everyone,
During this holiday season, we reflect on possibilities, about how humanity can be both compassionate and sustainable. More than that, we want to be part of the solution. In This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology / How we find our way to a humane and environmentally sane future, I describe the issues and the solutions. Veganism solves only part of a larger structural problem concerning human behavior and the institutions of violence it creates. It alone will not produce the world and life you want. The success of veganism rests upon a reformed worldview shaped by our need to create an intentional, biocentric human ecology. I urge you to purchase my book today; find out what the environmentalists are not telling you, what fish and wildlife management agencies are not telling you, and why Michael Pollan is wrong about veganism and ecosystems. Find out why there IS hope.

For yourself and as a gift, if you purchase Hope via the Green Vegans website Amazon link, an auto-donation will be made. It is available also online worldwide and at bookstores in several countries.

This Is Hope is a crossover book for self-identified environmentalists, species rights advocates, vegans and vegetarians, those dedicated to true sustainability, fish and wildlife “management” professionals, students of deep ecology, and those who want to know the biocentric solutions for our dietary, consumer, and reproductive choices.

This is Hope compares the outcomes of two human ecologies; one is tragic, the other is full of promise. “Our human ecology is the expression of everything we do and is represented by every interaction we have on earth…it consists of the multitude of relationships we have with other people, other species, and our physical environment’. I describe our current human ecology in depth to illustrate how we are living inappropriately, cruelly, and unsustainably. This is obsolete and has been for a long time; it is the cause of our overpopulation, our overconsumption of resources, the poverty of ecosystems and people, and our disregard for the rights of individuals from other species. This is Hope proposes a new human ecology to replace it.”

Author Bio
Will is an environmentalist and species rights professional who for over 30 years has conducted campaigns while employed for regional and national organizations. He recently founded Green Vegans ( He lives in Seattle, WA.

Finally! A MUST READ for anyone seeking a practical planetary path from the current trajectory of death and desperation to one that truly engages and embraces hope for all species. This book provides a pioneering path for those who truly want to be the change we want – and need – to see in this world. As we collectively experience this never-before era of one species empowered to make it or break it for all, we now have HOPE to survive together. As a scientist in wildlife management and conservation, I can attest to tragically ridiculous and archaic methods that continue to be used to (mis)manage wildlife and plant species for human ignorance and greed rather than for the planet and successive generations. This Is Hope incorporates the best and the brightest of science while allowing for the potential of humanity.
Toni Frohoff, Ph.D. (Author, Dolphin Mysteries and Between Species)

John Hunt Publishing/ Earth Books Paperback
ISBN 978-1-78099-890-9
$22.95 | £12.99
6×9 inches | 230×152 mm

For endorsements, background, and table of contents, go to

Distributed to the trade by National Book Network in US; by Orca Marston in UK / Publisher contact: /


Will Anderson / (Blog and book page) /

Please Donate Now To Support Green Vegans 2014 Campaigns

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Hello, everyone. We will be posting our 2014 Green Vegans Campaign updates in the next few days. Please consider making your donation now to further our mission. Click on the donation button and you will be redirected to the secure PayPal site. You also can send your gift of support through the mail. We will email you an electronic receipt. Your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by the IRS for 501(c)(3) organizations.

For the first thirty donors who gift $40 or more we will send you a 100% organic cotton Green Vegans logo tee shirt, magnet, and ten bookmarks. Include your shirt size, email address, and delivery address. After the first thirty, we will continue while supplies last (only men’s sizes remaining). There are several campaigns we have to go forward with or delay depending on your December gifts. Thank you for your support. And…

Please remember to use the Green Vegans website if you are going to order a paperback copy of This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology / How we find our way to a humane and environmentally sane future. By clicking on the Amazon button on our home page, a donation to Green Vegans is generated automatically.

Interview on Go Vegan Radio

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Here is the link to a recent radio interview  where I discussed the contents of my book, “This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology”. Understand it’s contents and you’ll understand the mission of Green Vegans, the organization (