IWC 64 Update – Get Ready to Act

We are a three-person delegation from Green Vegans who are at the IWC in Panama to advocate for the protection of whales. We are under a news embargo per IWC rules until Monday. However, there are drastic changes in the US position on whales coming up for votes next week. We ask that you follow our updates on the website; Twitters @GreenVegans; and Facebook. Be ready to act. We will be asking you to make viral the need to call the U.S. Whitehouse / President Obama on Monday morning and afternoon and early Tuesday morning in addition to your Congressional delegation (go to our webpage/newsletter for contact information); and if in the European Union, contact your Commissioner immediately.

Ask them to oppose the US-led joint proposal between Russia/US/and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) for aboriginal subsistence whaling (ASW). It is a package that mixes individual proposals, many of which make a mockery of IWC criteria and history. The SVG are not aboriginals and have a history of killing humpback mother and calf pair whales. The Greenland aboriginal hunt is a commercialized version of ASW where they sell the meat to supermarkets and tourist restaurants, though the US supports it. We ask your help; follow our postings and make the calls we need to pressure the Obama administration and the EU to "unbundle" these proposals so that each one can be evaluated on its own merits and defeated when it lack those merits. Whaling is returning and the US government is leading that disaster. Many Latin American organizations and governments oppose the bundling of these proposals and the Greenland proposal. But they are being overpowered by the US.

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