Green Vegans Will March In The New York Climate Rally

20140907_184932Green Vegans will have a contingent at the New York City Peoples Climate Change Rally and march in addition to the Seattle event. On September 21, our volunteers will be wearing Green Vegan Tees, carrying our banners, and passing out educational literature in both cities. If you are going to the New York City Climate Change Rally and want to march with Green Vegans, email your contact information now to  and we will forward it to the volunteer organizer there (we want to protect his personal email address). As a backup, follow these NYC vegan marchers

Another Seattle organizing meeting was held Thursday evening. We’ll have more on that and news of a great development by Monday evening.

And please don’t forget we need donations now to cover the costs just for these two events. We have other campaigns in the works that need your support. You can see them under “Campaigns”. Ten, twenty-five, fifty, or hundred dollar donations are needed now. We are tapped out but moving forward knowing you want the climate change rally to hear vegan voices bring the vegan solution to climate change.

Vegans get the climate – food connection but I and others can tell you from being at the rally organizing meetings in two cities that only the organized presence of vegans at these rallies can make that message heard. Vegan visibility is one of the Green Vegans campaigns. Please support our work.

You can make secure PayPal donations at right now. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

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