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Uncontrolled Restaurant Exhaust From Meat Grilling 

Have you ever had to walk through a cloud of exhaust coming from a restaurant? It’s terribly unhealthy to breath it in so hold your breath if you can. Of course that’s not a solution. Green Vegans is documenting out-of-control venting that pollutes your air, but as vegans it’s a double insult because the source is often meat being charbroiled and otherwise cooked. In some instances, breathing it in means you are breathing in the remains of an animal – corpse if you will.

Green Vegans is researching a test market where these obnoxious, toxic air pollution exhausts are easy to see. The chemistry is complex but it isn’t good. We’ve documented several sites already and will soon be contacting the regulatory agencies irresponsible for this. We’ll be posting videos and updates soon.