Seattle Climate Rally Update


Vegans, other environmentalists, organizations for justice and labor, and people from all walks of life are going to the Seattle Rally to Challenge Climate Change on Sunday, September 21. This rally is linked to a global day of similar events. It is a rare opportunity for the vegan community to have high profile media coverage for our message. The rally begins at 1:00 at the Westlake Mall Park in downtown Seattle. 20140907_184932 VEGANS are asked to show up at 12:15 to pre-event organize and meet and greet a few feet east of the Starbucks Coffee store across the street from the rally. Please bring your own poster board signs but leave one side plain if you want to tape on a Cowspiracy movie poster:

• Twenty Cowspiracy movie posters will be available to mount on your signs—a great visual and conversation opener.
• We will have at least two types of vegan literature specific to climate change for you to pass out or bring your own.
• At 12:15 to 1:00 we will meet at the vegan staging area, say hello to one-another and then ask for a vegan consensus about how we can be most visible as vegans at the rally. The “Cowspiracy” posters will be taped to signs here. There was a march planned for the event but we will get the final word on that after we attend an organizers meeting this Thursday evening.
• All organizations are encouraged to rally under your own identity and bring tables for literature.
• Green Vegans is asking for six people to carry two banners (made by Greener Printer). Please email for that or passing out vegan climate change literature. If we have your size, banner carriers will get a free organic cotton Green Vegan logo tee-shirt.
• We are looking for any original turtle costumes from the 1999 World Trade Organization (WTO) march and

the people who wore/made them. Please ask around.
• If you want to be on the speakers list for your organization, please contact now. I can submit your name but not guarantee it.
• We are in a discussion with other organizations about the vegan solution to climate change. It does NOT look good because they seem uninterested so far about the role animal agriculture and nonvegans play in climate change. It is the responsibility of the vegan community to educate nonvegans about consumption of animal products being the major cause of the global climate change disaster.
• PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Contact people and the vegan organizations you know locally and in other parts of the world. Encourage them to attend or hold an event on September 21.

Go to – You will find a summary and several web links to national and international rallies.  The Seattle Climate Change Facebook event page is Join us and put veganism in the news!

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