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Judging from the increase in email traffic we’re getting about the People’s Climate March, vegans will be visible in Seattle, the San Francisco Bay area, New York City and many other places. Cowspiracy Producers Kip and Keegan will be in New York City with the vegan contingent ( In Seattle on this Saturday night, there is a showing of Cowspiracy:

Seattle Vegans and Vegan Supporters

Green Vegans believes our purpose in Seattle on September 21 is to get climate advocates and environmentalists to acknowledge the power of veganism to address climate change. We will do this with banners, signs, educational literature, and conversation. Yes, there’s more to veganism and this is a chance to explain that, too.  Green Vegans is helping to facilitate the vegan presence, but everyone is free to do this as individuals and organizations best suited to your preferences. Here are the essential points: 

  • The main rally begins at 1:00, Sunday, September 21 in Westlake Park, 4th and Pine Street, downtown Seattle: and There will be twelve speakers at five minutes each with some occasional music interspersed. Around 2:30 everyone will march to the Olympic Sculpture Park (2901 Western Ave).
  • The Seattle march is not an officially endorsed event by global organizers. Though we have been “tuned in” to the organizing and on their organizing lists, their event is at the Peace Arch, U.S., / Canada border. Unlike the NYC march, we will be identifying ourselves by organization.
  • We ask that vegans and our supporters meet at 12:15 just east of the Starbucks Coffee store across the street from the official rally site. Look for the Green Vegans banner.
  • Organizations will have vegan literature if you want to pass it out at the rally and as we march. Green Vegans will have ready-made posters and some you can create yourself. We encourage you to bring your own. The good folks from Cowspiracy have sent us twenty of their posters to mount on signs.
  • While next to Starbucks we will propose a way to maximize the vegan presence and message but will not disrupt the speakers or the march. We did locate WTO turtle costumes but the shipping cost was too much. Please bring digital cameras to document the march and share them with Green Vegans and others. We will post several.
  • At 12:50 vegans will move from the pre-event Starbucks area to the main rally across the street and continue our activities as we march to the Olympic Sculpture Park on the waterfront.

No one knows how many people overall will show up at the march. At least a thousand are expected but it could easily be thousands more. There is a football game at 1:45 so traffic will be intense. Bus, bike, walk, carpool—but allow extra time to arrive and avoid the south end of downtown.


Fact Sheet:

Vegans will march in Oakland, CA:

If you are not in Seattle, contact your local vegan organization or check for activities in your area here:

We’ll see you there! TeensAroundGlobeiStk

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