We have moved the blog to to consolidate communication. There we can address a wider span and depth of issues because it is about the book This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New human Ecology / How we find our way to a humane and environmentally sane future. Though the author, Will Anderson, is involved in both Green and this book, the two efforts are legally separate entities. The new blog site allows comments and questions.

The book explains in depth and detail the foundation and need for Green Vegans as well as the vegan new human ecology. If you order the book from the Green Vegans webpage using the Amazon buttons, an automatic donation will be made to Green Vegans the organization. So, please register at the books website to receive blog posts as they are posted and order the book from the Green Vegans page. Reports and updates on Green Vegans campaigns and other functions of this website will remain the same. We also suggest you subscribe to the Green Vegans Facebook page to see the most immediate updates and posts from Green Vegans as well as those from other people and organizations. Thank you.