Tell FAA to Protect Birds and Ecosystems from Drones!

Petition: Tell the FAA to Protect Birds and Ecosystems from Drones Now!

We’ve been told a few times that some people did not receive this notice about the new Green Vegans petition. Please excuse us if you’ve already received this but also take a moment and share this link to our Green Vegans Care2  petition telling the FAA to abide by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). drone1

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun to update regulations on the operation of drones. What they do now will set the stage on how much or how little birds, wildlife, people, and ecosystems will be protected from the hundreds of thousands to over a million drones that will soon fill the air. The FAA has excused itself from any environmental reviews but is taking comments on its proposed rulemaking. Sign this petition to tell the FAA they must follow the National Environmental Policy Act.

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Thank you!

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