Whales Urgently Need You To Act Today!

Whales Urgently Need You To Act Today!

First, Contact President Obama:

Another breaking decision is happening here at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Panama. President Obama’s administration through the Council on Environmental Quality in the Whitehouse is about to destroy

the moratorium on commercial whaling that was passed at the IWC in 1986. It appears that the U.S. is making deals with Japan in order to secure several "aboriginal whaling" quota requests, some of which are clearly commercial whaling operations and one which is not aboriginal in any sense of the concept. The US has pushed for the “bundling” of several proposals (together known as the Russia/US/Saint Vincent and the Grenadines proposal) to slip in illegitimate proposals and appease Japan. Details are posted in our Media Release at www.greenvegans.org.

Please tell President Obama to stop supporting the resumption of commercial whaling under the guise of aboriginal subsistence whaling now. Tell him to direct the US commissioner at the IWC to “unbundle” the US whaling proposal so that each request to kill whales can be judged individually – and – to withdraw US support for Greenland’s commercial “aboriginal” whaling slaughter. The vote on aboriginal whaling begins Tuesday, July 2.

Email and Call now. Tell them you oppose this sell-out of whale protections. president@whitehouse.gov AND 202-456-1111.

Second, call Congress with the same message:
Go to http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ to find the contact numbers and email addresses for your Senators and Representative. Then call them today and again on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will let you know here if the messages you send change.

Your calls to congress and donations to Green Vegans are essential to the survival and end of suffering these whales have endured from us for thousands of years.

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MEDIA Inquiries Only:
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