Green Vegans is a solutions-oriented vegan environmental and justice organization that sees human behavior—our human ecology—as both the cause and cure for the most important issues of our time: environmental destruction; loss of biodiversity; climate change; human overpopulation; social and economic injustice, and unsustainable economic systems.

Green Vegans has adopted the field of study—human ecology—to demonstrate how our decisions and behaviors create the relationships between ourselves and the living communities of Earth.

There is only one problem, and that is our human ecology. It reflects what humanity has done wrong and what it now can do right.

Earth and its ecosystems require from all of us, not one change, but many.

We address the issues from the perspective of achieving Seven Goals that are linked and interdependent in their causes and solutions. This means we are simultaneously addressing human overpopulation, social and economic injustice, unsustainable consumption where it exists, the absolute necessity of veganism, destructive and unjust economic systems, and the need to nurture and increase our love, empathy, and proactive compassion towards each other and all species and ecosystems.

Our Campaigns