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We have moved the blog…

At This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology you will find blogs about veganism and the the new human ecology as perspectives on how the new human ecology is connected to the other issues cited on this website. These blogs address contentious issues such as veganism vs. vegetarianism and incremental change compared to abolition.  They can be valuable in explaining the details of Green Vegans to non-vegans and those not yet convinced that we have the ability to create a vegan human ecology for Earth. They are to offer discussion and thought as our human ecology is always evolving.

Green Vegans the organization is first an educational platform that advocates we all change our personal behaviors (human ecologies) to accomplish seven goals with our personal decisions. We ask of ourselves and everyone to take responsibility for justice and a healed Earth that living communities require from us. Once we start our journeys on this path, we can legitimately insist other organizations and institutions including political systems change their behaviors and in doing so, enable us to do what’s right.

Green Vegans campaigns are vehicles that carry the messaging of our advocacy.  If you want to go deeper, This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology is a book that will give you the most comprehensive vision and evidence for the New Human Ecology.

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Thank you from the Green Vegans Team!