Many people don’t truly see them very often anymore. Like other farmed animal species, they exist out of sight even though billions of them are being raised, transported and slaughtered. When we do see a truck filled with bodies crammed in tight going to slaughter in the cruel efficiency of animal agriculture, their sad experience isn’t understood. We are working to document one example but we are picking up where we left off pre-pandemic.  

Industrial Cruelty to “Cattle” aka Bovine Species

The example we are working on consists of how a specific population of “cattle” is being shipped and the environmental impacts animal agriculture causes.

A young steer

A young cow


You’ve seen farmed animals in trucked, often to slaughter. Animal agriculture steals their control over their own lives: when they eat; when they are moved; which individuals of their kind they can be with and whether they can touch others including their offspring after being forcefully impregnated and then, after birth, have their newborn taken away. Green Vegans has witnessed this, the auctions, and we have walked up the killing chute.

If you have the chance to safely and legally document any of this with video and photos, please contact us.