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Industrial Cruelty to Cattle

This is an active Green Vegans investigation. We can’t share more with you about this except it concerns a long-standing abuse of cattle in the U.S. If the perpetrators found out the specifics, they could make it more difficult if not impossible for us to continue with documentation.

However we cannot bring relief to thousands of cattle without continuing our investigation. Please donate using the “donate” button found on most of our web pages. It will take you directly to PayPal’s secure site.



You’ve seen nonhuman animals being trucked on roads and freeways. It’s part of the animal agriculture journey from birth to slaughter at a young age. When you see them, they are often on their way to a slaughterhouse or auction for slaughter.   Sometimes, they are being moved to a different animal agriculture business to “finish” them off in a confined animal feedlot and fed corn, alfalfa, and other resource-wasting crops. If you are able to document with video and photos your experiences seeing this visibly invisible death trucking, please share along with as much information you have including date, time, place and if you’ve followed them discreetly, where they came from and went to. Then send to campaigns@greenvegans.org.