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New Human Ecology – Spreading the Word

“Human ecology” is not a familiar term to many people but it is uniquely useful to the Green Vegans mission. The definition of “human ecology” can vary quite a bit depending on which field of study uses it. We use it as was originally applied: it is the field of study of the relationships between human behavior and our environment. Just as our behaviors impact our social relationships with other people, individuals from other species and our shared ecosystems so do they impact us. 

Green Vegans sees how easily we choose issues that are important or attractive to us—such as the plight of elephants in captivity and the wild, and hungry children—but must see and understand “the big picture” of how their well-being and survival depends upon our behaviors, our human ecology. They are linked by the same choices we make. For instance, human overpopulation is deeply detrimental to both while a reduction in human population and our choosing a vegan lifestyle are beneficial for both of them. Choosing to have one or no children helps all life on Earth. Instead of going to zoos where you buy tickets and the money goes almost entirely to captivity, donate directly to people, organizations and institutions that actually work on site, in the ecosystems to save species.

We ask Green Vegans supporters to call yourselves “green vegans.” Advocate for us, each other, our campaigns, and most of all our keystone message that Earth needs more green vegans who are happily achieving seven goals. Our primary tools are this website, our projects, and references to blogs that give further insight and stimulate thought about achieving all Seven Goals that are determining the success or failure of the human species.

It’s not hard to be advocate for Green Vegans. Start by studying the Seven Goals and encouraging others to study our website. Yes, you can continue focusing most of your work for the greater good on a single or a few issues, but just be sure to tell others why they won’t succeed in the long run unless they also create the seven goals. Tell them, everyone, how elephants, children, the impoverished people of Earth, bees, marine mammals and fish and mollusks—the entirety of Earth’s ecosystems—need our Seven Goals, not one, two or three. So, join us and others  as we offer the way forward. Our comprehensive approach works as no single proposal can.

Vegan Environmentalist Identity Campaign 

Being effective includes knowing how to comment on environmental impact statements


While the world too slowly awakens to the environmental necessity of global veganism, vegans now must become highly visible advocates for ecosystems and all species. We must do what mainstream environmental organizations are failing to do: advocate for the solutions that only vegan lifestyles and a consistent philosophy of justice and nonviolence can accomplish. Veganism is required to stop destroying the planet and biodiversity, slow global warming, and address human poverty. All references to veganism are accompanied by the statement that it is part of the green vegan new human ecology and is one of seven goals environmental impact statements must consider.

Vegans have a unique opportunity to reform environmentalism with our visible advocacy. Green Vegans is the first organization to comment on state plans to kill wolves from a vegan human ecology. We were the first organization to be clearly identified as vegan at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Panama as whale advocates. You can image our joy as the three of us, experienced IWC veterans, introduced ourselves as Green Vegans at meetings and in lobbying conversations with state department level representatives—IWC commissioners from dozens of countries.  The vegan environmental movement can only grow. Our goal now is to enable you to participate and grow the vegan environmental movement.

Opinions matter to us personally, but they are often not effective in changing government decisions on the environment. Government agencies are influenced when we provide new information, evidence-based critiques of their policies and proposals, and challenges to the legality of their actions.

Though environmental issues can be complex, Green Vegans will make it easy for you to participate. We will post campaigns and what you can do on our main Green Vegans page.

Green Vegans has been campaigning since 2009.

Welcome to our Vegan Environmentalist Identity Campaign

This is your preparation:

Here is an example of how Green Vegans uses NEPA as a tool for environmentalism:

The Environmental Impacts of Drones on the Human and Natural Environment

Drones will provide enormous benefits and but also wreak havoc in ecosystems and human environments if not used appropriately. There are next to no controls on “model” drones as the FAA refers to them. Green Vegans has investigated inadequacies found in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) process as it formulates policy and regulations scheduled to be published in September 2015. Our findings revealed that the FAA is ignoring the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA is the foundation all of us depend on for protecting ecosystems, the nonhuman species living thee and the human environment. 

On January 27, 2015, Green Vegans petitioned the FAA to implement NEPA in its ground-breaking regulatory effort over drones of all types. We received a request from the Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) and office in the White House created by NEPA.

Be a Visible Vegan Campaign

This campaign is YOU being the example who demonstrates how justice, empathy, nonviolence and veganism transforms all of our relationships.  YOU are a self-starter who uses personal power for ending the violence towards others and stopping the destruction of ecosystems. Share this journey with your family and friends and let them see how change is a humbling process we all have to figure out. Support one-another. 

There are millions of vegans and vegetarians around the world. When others see tee shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and banners displaying the phrases “Vegan” and “The New Human Ecology,” it reminds everyone about what you believe in and why. It plants seeds in fertile minds, strengthens self-identity and resolve, builds a movement, and ultimately establishes a dominant cultural norm. The more visible the word “vegan” becomes, the greater the public will think about it. 

Share the Green Vegans webpage link in your social media connections, and “Like” and “Follow” Green Vegans on Facebook  and Twitter (#greenvegans and #newhumanecology) wherever you are. Be active, visible, professional, and a role model for the vegan new human ecology movement. Our motto is, “There is one issue, our human ecology.”


Green Vegans supports the vegan certification programs already in use. Once on the store shelf, however, many products not bearing certification logos may say “vegetarian” but it could be vegan or nonvegan.  Green Vegans is proposing an approach that would take advantage of changes already underway in the food industry.