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Uncontrolled Restaurant Exhaust From Meat Grilling

Have you ever had to walk through a cloud of exhaust smoke and stench coming from a restaurant char-broiling meat? It’s terribly unhealthy to breath in so hold your breath if you can. Of course that’s not a solution. Green Vegans is documenting out-of-control venting that pollutes your air, but as vegans it’s a double insult because the source is often meat being charbroiled and otherwise cooked. In some instances, breathing it in means you are breathing in the remains of an animal – corpse if you will.

Green Vegans is documenting these obnoxious, toxic air pollution exhausts that are easy to see. The chemistry is complex but it isn’t good.  We’ve filmed several sites already but at least in Seattle, the government agencies have not been responsive in part because these pollution sources fall between the cracks of the Clean Air Act.

If you have a favorite restaurant polluter, please send your documentation along along with the date, location and credit for the image. We’ll post the offending restaurant on social media and perhaps shame them to stop serving meat and install air pollution interception controls. Send your images to campaigns@greenvegans.org.

The Environmental Impacts of Drones on the Human and Natural Environment

Drones will provide enormous benefits but also wreak havoc in ecosystems and human environments if not used appropriately and in limited numbers in limited locations. There are next to no controls on “model” drones as the FAA refers to them. Green Vegans has investigated inadequacies found in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) process as it formulates policy and regulations published September 2015. Our findings reveal that the FAA is ignoring the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA is the foundation all of us depend on for protecting ecosystems, the nonhuman species living thee and the human environment. 

Green Vegans petitioned the FAA to implement NEPA in its ground-breaking regulatory effort over drones of all types. We received a request from the Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) for further documentation which we sent. The CEQ is in the White House and was created by NEPA.

Then-President Obama, relating to the model drone that crashed on the White House lawn over the weekend stated, “We don’t really have any kind of regulatory structure at all for it.” The White House Council on Environmental Quality was given a copy of the petition.

Total Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), as drones are called by the FAA, will approach ~250,000 by 2035, of which ~175,000 will be in the commercial marketplace.” Significant is the fact that these figures do not include the far larger number of users in the model/hobby UAS category.

Road Barriers

indexRoad barriers are the sections of concrete wall that run between lanes of opposing traffic on interstate highways. They are safety dividers for vehicles and their occupants that can stretch for miles without interruption. Studies about some of their impacts on wildlife have been contradictory. Despite what intuition tells us, it is not consistently proven that wildlife and domesticated individuals from other species are challenged and made more vulnerable to being killed by cars and trucks whee these barriers exist. This issue is not getting enough attention. These barriers must be modified to allow wildlife passage. This is about preventing pain, terror, suffering and reducing environmental impacts that include habitat fragmentation. The construction of wildlife corridors built as “lids” and tunnels over and under interstate highways can be effective, but as a program, is not nearly enough.

Birds versus Reflective Buildings

West-8th-Full-buildingThis is an important issue currently on our website but American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is doing the best job of reforming, city by city, the architectural standards that currently allow buildings to have reflective glass on their exteriors.

Seeing the sky reflected on building exteriors, birds continue forward and slam into the hard surface, falling to their deaths. Hundreds of millions, perhaps a billion birds in North America alone are killed by reflective building exteriors.

A related issue is urban lighting that attracts and confuses migrating birds. From a past conversation, ABC was interested in Green Vegan’s help for Seattle. We’ve done an informal survey in downtown Seattle.