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Wildlife and Ecosystems

Green Vegans makes a unique contribution because we advocate for a new human ecology of relationships with ecosystems and wildlife. This requires a wholesale reform of fish and wildlife management practices and culture.

Wildlife management and ecosystems oversight is within the jurisdiction of several state and federal agencies in the U.S. They are absurdly cruel, unbalancing and sickening ecosystems because they serve a small minority of hunters, fishers, trappers, and the immense animal agricultural industry.  Everyone who lives a vegan lifestyle along with the rest of the new human ecology reduces the excuses those agencies make to justify their wanton cruelty and lack of long-term ecological effectiveness.

Stop State Agencies from promoting non-native species to raise money

Ecology-corrupting state fish and wildlife agencies regularly raise and release nonnative species for hunters and fishers to kill. Agencies are motivated additionally to do this because it produces funding through licensing fees and taxes. When we have the resources, we will initiate this campaign in Washington and Oregon through discussions with the boards of game commissioners and agency leaders. We are calling on agencies to stop the practice of favoring commercial hunted, trapped, and fished species and instead focus on ecosystem recovery/conservation biology approaches. Green Vegans will share the vegan human ecology message to describe our approach and call for wholesale reforms in the agencies.


Wolf hunts are rapidly expanding at the behest of hunters and animal agriculturalists. At best, in the presence of hunters and animal agribusiness, wolves may be allowed to survive in small numbers on reservations, but never permitted to function as meaningful and adequate roles in ecosystems. We’ve seen the hunting and ranching sector renew its slaughter of wolves in Idaho and Montana.

Wildlife and Ecosystems

Wildlife and Ecosystems

Alaska has a long history of wolf depopulation to enhance hunter success in taking moose and caribou and is poised to add bear baiting with garbage to their allowed practices. We have already demonstrated, using the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s own data that the highest numbers of wolves they want to kill corresponds to high hunting rates for elk in the same areas.

Green Vegans makes a unique contribution because we advocate for a new human ecology of relationships with ecosystems and wildlife. We need ecosystems, not just a small representation of wolves whose social structures are being fragmented by hunters creating more destabilized packs. Humans are no longer adaptive to ecosystems. Green Vegans like yourself demand far less impact upon ecosystems and have no need for ranching and the hunting – oriented wildlife management policies that unnecessarily tweak ecosystems towards greater loss of biodiversity. Because we’re Green Vegans, we can go further into the root causes of biodiversity loss and ecosystem destruction.

This persecution of wolves is the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate how the new human ecology is the game changer environmentalists, ecologists, human overpopulation organizations, social and economic justice projects, and animal rightists have been seeking. There are a number of great organizations working to protect wolves. We are adding our own voice and unique approach.