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Alerts and Resources for Creating the New Human Ecology’s Seven Goals


Green Vegans (you and we) are pro-active advocates for the new human ecology. Alerts are time-sensitive opportunities for making your voice heard, your presence felt, and teaching others about Green Vegans and our New Human Ecology. Subscribers to Green Vegans will receive email Alert notices and updates.


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These resources include:

  • explanations of where to find more information and deeper content about the new human ecology;
  • links to other people and organizations who are sharing practical information helpful to creating our personal new human ecologies;
  • we reference aspects of the Seven Goals to other, specialized organizations.  Examples include reducing human population, the Earth-friendly economic model Steady State Economy, and tips for a greener lifestyle.  Organizations linked here do not necessarily endorse (yet!) veganism and the New Human Ecology platform. We’re working on it!
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  • For blogs about subjects like social and economic justice, veganism, fish and wildlife “management” and other issues – we address them at Green Vegans / The New Human Ecology.
  • You can learn the complete story and deep documentation of why we advocate our New Human Ecology response by ordering a copy of This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology online or at your local bookseller.
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Learning more is doing more

These are fun, useful resources sent to us by Gus Stewart at Gardenable.org. They are geared toward people who are just getting started on their journey to being green.
Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Plastic Containers 
Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Home Renovation Debris
Saving Money & the Environment: A Kid’s Guide to Recycling 
Living Green: A Guide to Recycling Electronics 
10 Tips to Start Living Green in your Home 
Make Your Own Green Cleaning Supplies 
A Guide to Green Furniture
A Guide to Solar Energy in the Home

European- Specific Resources 

Though these links lead to Europe, much of the information is applicable to many areas of the world. Many thanks to Cassidy for sharing.