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Human Ecology: Why Does It Matter?

AmzonRnfstWtriStkOur human ecology* is the expression of everything we do and represented by every interaction we create on Earth. In the broadest sense, it consists of the innumerable relationships with and between humans, our social contexts, other species, and the physical environment. Through our respective cultures, tools, institutions, emotions, technologies, spiritual practices, agriculture, population trends, economies, sciences, worldview beliefs, and countless individual actions, our human ecology weaves and creates our species’ history and destiny on this planet.

Green Vegans has adopted the term human ecology to serve as a platform capable of representing our comprehensive approach for achieving Seven Goals and also establish the constant and essential understanding that each issue relies on the others to be solved. Because our individual and collective impacts now reach distant ecosystems, our human ecology must include our relationship with the entire Earth and all species living here.

Why Do We Need A NEW Human Ecology?


Humankind is missing the opportunity to adapt to Earth’s ecosystems with behaviors that are sustainable, ethical, and just. As evidenced by the climate crisis, wanton environmental destruction, and human misery, we have made mistakes alongside what we’ve done right. We have not been changing how we live quickly enough to keep up with the increased environmental impacts we are now capable of—with climate change being a visible example. We are doing this for both pragmatic and ethical reasons.

If we do not voluntarily alter our behaviors as a species to protect the planet that sustains us, then the damaged environment and its declining, suffering resource base will force tragic change upon us in ways we really don’t want. It will be thrust upon us by social and environmental collapse when little noteworthy will be remaining of the nature and nurture we call home. Think about the impacts that scarcity and non-existence of resources have upon us when financial systems and ecosystems no longer function and support us. Our economic, social, and political ruin follows. The vegan New Human Ecology reflects our commitment to make changes in our personal lives. It is here where our power lies.

Elephants to frogs to trees to corals and people everywhere need our seven results. Why? Because the first requirement for survival is the ability to adapt to our ecosystems. With our current behaviors we are trampling ecosystems and species so quickly, so thoroughly unfolding disasters like climate change threaten our crops, induce the spread of diseases, and creates climate refugees as fire and flood displace and kill an increasing number of people and individuals from other species. It’s adapt or die.

There is nearly universal agreement against child labor, torture, female genital cutting (FGC), genocide, “honor” killings of innocent women, incest, sexual abuse and slavery, there must also be universal agreement about standards of decency towards ecosystems, humans, individuals of other species, and Earth. That is what directs our advocacy for a new human ecology.


* We use the term human ecology here to advocate for universal and comprehensive changes in human behavior – not as a discipline of study. The term has a long history, diverse meanings, and many applications. The traditional use is the study of the relationships between humans and the entirety of their surroundings, mainly the environment in which we each live.